McFaddens in the 1790 US Census

The first country-wide census of the newly independent United States of America took place in 1790. In 17 states, the names of heads of households were recorded and a count of their families was taken. Unfortunately, records for five of those states – Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, Tennessee – were later destroyed. I have gone through the indexes for the 12 remaining states and listed every head of household I found bearing the name of McFadden or variant.

McFaddens in the 1790 United States Census

It should be noted that there wasn’t an emphasis on spelling back then the way there is today, so the way a name was recorded in a census should not be considered the “correct” or “real” version. Most similar names were likely used interchangeably.

As with the list of Revolutionary War participants, the list of people found in the 1790 census will eventually be expanded upon with further biographical details. Any links to the DNA project will also be noted.

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