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State of the Project: January 2018

Goals The purpose of the McFadden DNA Project is to use Y-DNA testing to learn more about the origins and history of the Gaelic surname Mac Pháidín and the various modern surnames derived from it (McFadden, Macfadyen, McFadzen, etc.). Y-DNA

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Why aren’t all McFaddens related?

One of the first conclusions our DNA study has reached is that there are numerous unrelated Mac Pháidín lineages. Of the 33 Mc- results that have been processed so far, there are a minimum of 10 completely separate lines. Given

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The “Levels” of Y-DNA Testing

When people express an interest in joining this project, I usually recommend they buy a 67-marker STR test. After making their initial purchase, some people are then dismayed to find recommendations for further (more expensive) testing, such as the Big

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State of the Project: October 2016

It’s been a while since my last update, so I thought it would be a good idea to give an overview of the DNA project and where we stand. Goals The purpose of the McFadden DNA Project is to use

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McFaddens in the 1790 US Census

The first country-wide census of the newly independent United States of America took place in 1790. In 17 states, the names of heads of households were recorded and a count of their families was taken. Unfortunately, records for five of

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McFaddens in the American Revolutionary War

Tomorrow is July 4th, American Independence Day, the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In honor of the occasion, I have added a list of about 30 McFadden men who are known to have participated in

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The Big Y: What is it and why is it important?

The Big Y I have updated the project “Wish List” and recommended that every member who is in the R-M269 haplogroup and able to do so order the “Big Y” from FTDNA. This post is a brief explanation of what

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The Paddens of Mayo

In addition to our page on the Macfadyens of Mull, we now have information up about the Paddens of Mayo: The Paddens were affiliated with and possibly descended from the Barretts of Tirawley, an Old English family that played

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Entering the realm of social media

The McFadden Project is now on Twitter and Facebook! Follow us to help spread the word.

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Richard McFadden (1888-1916): Athlete, Soldier, Hero

Richard McFadden (1888-1916) was a Scottish athlete who came to prominence as the top scorer for English club Clapton Orient (now Leyton Orient). After the outbreak of World War I, McFadden and 40 other Orient team members and staff joined

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