About The Project

This web site has been created with the goal of furthering research of the Mac Pháidín surname and its variants in order to determine its origin(s) and history.

It is an open project.  All are welcome.  We encourage people with any variation of the Mac Pháidín or Mac Páidín surnames to participate. These may include: Fadden, Fadian, Fadyn, Faid, Fedden, Mac Fadden, Mac Faddin, Mac Fadyen, Mac Páidín, Mac Pháidín, MacFadden, MacFaddin, MacFaden, MacFadgen, MacFadian, MacFadin, MacFadyan, MacFadyen, MacFadyn, MacFadzean, MacFadzen, MacFadzien, MacFaid, MacFaiden, MacFayden, MacFeat, MacPadden, MacPaden, MacPadene, MacPadin, MacPadine, MacPáidín, MacPhadden, MacPhaden, MacPhadon, MacPhadyen, MacPhaiden, MacPháidín, MacPhaidon, MacSpadden, Mc Fadden, Mc Faddin, Mc Fadyen, McFaddan, McFadden, McFaddin, McFade, McFaden, McFadgen, McFadian, McFadin, McFadion, McFadon, McFadwyn, McFadyan, McFadyen, McFadyn, McFadzean, McFadzen, McFadzien, McFaid, McFaiden, McFate, McFayden, McFeat, McFeate, McFedden, McPadden, McPaden, McPadin, McPadine, McPhadden, McPhade, McPhaden, McPhadon, McPhadyen, McPhaiden, McPhate, McPhayden, McPheat, McSpadden, Padden, Paddison, Paden, Padian, Padien, Páidín, Paterson, Paton, Patten, Patterson, Pattison, Patton, Peadon, Peden, Peyton, and others.

Credit for the formation and administration of the original McFadden surname project at FTDNA goes to founder Scotty McFadden, who passed away in 2007, and his brother Don, who assumed his brother’s role after his death.  This web site was created in September 2013 by Rob McFadden, who has since taken over as project admin.

Rob can be reached at rob @ themcfaddenproject.com or via the message board.

The project results page can be viewed here.

Donations towards the funding of Mac Pháidín DNA tests can be made here.