Announcing the new McFadden Project Message Board

To this point, visitors to this web site have only been able to communicate via comments on these blog posts. This is incredibly inefficient and frustrating, so I have finally set up a message board where people can connect. Here

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Fifty Shades of McFaddens

With participation in the project slowly but surely increasing, I thought a brief update would be in order. No. of Y-DNA Results submitted by surname McFadden: 18 (+1 kit pending) McFaddan: 3 McFaddin: 1 McFadyen: 1 McFadzen: 1 Patterson: 7

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Finding a place for the McFaddens in the M222 tree

In my previous post, I mentioned the DNA marker known as M222 and its affiliation with the ancient Irish king Niall of the Nine Hostages.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might want to briefly read the

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A Donegal McFadden modal?

First, some basics: M222 is a DNA marker unique to one man who lived a couple thousand years ago and his direct male descendants.  All men in this group are referred to as M222+.  One of those descendants is believed

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The Paddy-Owens and the Donegal Gallowglass

The inspiration for this web site came from my own genealogical research, which began in 2011 following the death of my grandfather.  My grandfather was an Irish native and immediate members of his family still reside today on land in

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The MacFadyens of Mull

Individual pages for larger branches of McFaddens will be added as they are identified via DNA testing and/or old-fashioned research.  The first page to be posted is that of The MacFadyens of Mull. The MacFadyens of the Isle of Mull in Scotland

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Explaining the comparison process

I’ve put together a relatively simple demo of the Y-DNA comparison process and how we gain information from test results.  It can be accessed by hovering your mouse over the “DNA Testing Info” tab up top, or by going here:

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Welcome to The McFadden Project!

My name is Rob McFadden.  Welcome to my new web site dedicated to researching the origins and history of the McFadden surname.  My primary motivation in creating the site was to drum up interest in the McFadden surname project at

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