John McFadden, 1751-1841, Venago County, PA

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John McFadden, 1751-1841, Venago County, PA

Postby Dmm1214 » Sun Sep 09, 2018 1:56 pm

We have a complete family history back to a distance ancestor in PA. to the present for our family.
We are curious if anybody has any information back to Ireland or Scotland. Dates are accurate as they are buried in the Sugar Creek Cemetary in Venago County.

John McFadden
B-April 3, 1751. Unknown
D-March 3, 1841. Sugar Creek, Venago county , Penn, US
Married to Nancy A.

B-December 1756. Unknown
D-December 1839. Sugar Creek, Venago County, Penn, US

Eleanor, James, Elijah, John Jr., Leah (McFadden) Beatty, Stephen P., Charles, unknown daughter, Elisha

Denis McFadden
Seattle, WA

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